Research topics

Illustration of a soliton © Copyright: private

Topological Solitons

Variational principles, especially models of condensed matter, give rise to topological solitons and singular structures.

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Picture of a complex energy landscape © Copyright: E, Ren, Vanden-Eijnden, Chem. Phys. B (2005)

Metastability, relaxation, and coarsening

The geometric features of complex energy landscapes and interplay with the dynamics of the associated gradient flow is an intriguing area of research.

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Image of a Brownian motion path © Copyright: private

Brownian Motion

Brownian motion is a Markov process with continuous paths that plays a role in various areas of mathematics..

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Following the link, you will find a list of publications which were authored or co-authored by members of the Chair.

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Over the last years, a number of theses were supervised by members of the Chair.

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