Seminar on PDE


Seminar on PDE


M.G. Westdickenberg
Applied Analysis, RWTH Aachen

Planning meeting:

27. October 2021 at 10:30 in Lecture Hall III


We will mainly work with the articles "Asymptotic behaviour methods for the Heat Equation. Convergence to the Gaussian" and "The mathematical theories of diffusion. Nonlinear and fractional diffusion" by Juan Luis Vázquez. The first part of the seminar has the character of a reading course. We will work through parts of the survey articles of Vázquez together. Based on the interests and curiosity we have discovered in the first part of the seminar, each participant will select one topic that s/he wishes to understand in more detail and prepare a 30 minute presentation on this topic. For this, s/he may use the references from the Vázquez articles or other sources.


passing grade in PDE I.

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