Here you can find an overview of the PhD topics at the Chair of Applied Analysis from the past years:

Author Title Type of Theses Year
Tvrtko Doresic

Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert-Vlasov-Maxwell System

PhD Thesis 2022
Sarah Biesenbach On optimal converge nce rates of nonconvex gradient flows PhD Thesis 2021
Marco Doemeland A class of gradient flows of differential forms in negative homogeneous Sobolev spaces PhD Thesis 2021
Xinye Li Topological solitons in two-dimensional chiral magnets PhD Thesis 2020
Wadim Gerner Minimisation Problems in Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics PhD Thesis 2020
Malte Kampschulte Gradient flows and generalised Wasserstein distance in the space of Cartesian currents PhD Thesis 2018
Olga Chugreeva Stochastics meets applied analysis: Stochastic Ginzburg - Landau vortices and stochastic Landau - Lifshitz - Gilbert equation PhD Thesis 2017
Albert Nana Sandjo Solutions for fourth-order parabolic equations modelling epitaxial thin film growth PhD Thesis 2011