If you intend to wite your BA- or MA-thesis with us, please contact us individually. Some examples of topics from the previous years are listed below.

Author Title Type of Theses Year
Michael Linkens Construction of traveling wave solutions for parabolic equations Bachelor's Thesis 2010
Miriam Hinzen The Moser - Trudinger inequality and ist application in differential geometry Bachelor's Thesis 2011
Albert Nana Sandjo Solutions for fourth-order parabolic equations modelling epitaxial thin film growth PhD Thesis 2011
Simon Pfannholzer Weak Solutions of dissipative wave equations on spheres Diploma Thesis 2012
Kristin Wache Semigroups and variation of constant formula in case of nonlinear evolution equations Master's Thesis 2012
Tobias Kühn A method to solve the Landau - Lifshitz - Slonczewski equation Bachelor's Thesis 2013
Tim Laux Dynamics of magnetic phase transitions Master's Thesis 2013
Xinye Li Existence and regularity for a class of fourth-order parabolic evolution equations Master's Thesis 2013
Dieter Moser A spectral Crank-Nicolson method for numerical treatment of the gradient flow of the Avieles-Giga functional Master's Thesis 2013
Ansgar Wigger Well-Posedness for the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in higher dimensions Master's Thesis 2013
Florian Goy Teichmüller Spaces of Compact Surfaces Master's Thesis 2014
Matthias Heckens Countability and Computability Bachelor's Thesis Education 2014
Vera Nobis The Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation Bachelor's Thesis 2014
Katrin Paulus Planar Dirichlet problem and conformal mappings Bachelor's Thesis education 2015
Nina Neidhardt Duality and Poisson summation formula Master's Thesis 2015
Dennis Loboda Universal coverings and the j-function Bachelor'sThesis 2016
Khoa-Danh Nguyen Topology of Sobolev spaces on manifolds Bachelor's Thesis 2016
Bernd Meier Hausdorff masure and surface integrals: parametric versus measure- theoretic approach Bachelor's Thesis 2016
Anna Kristin Lüke Representation theorem for dual spaces of function spaces Bachelor's Thesis 2016
Helene Schroeder The Skyrmion problem in 2D Bachelor's Thesis 2016
Henning Keller An analysis of Skyrmion models in 2D Bachelor's Thesis 2016
Jonathan Schulz Symmetry and compactness in Sobolev spaces Bachelor's Thesis 2016
Frederik Thomas Wehr Skyrme functionals of second order Bachelor's Thesis 2017
Pascal Ziegler The Gauss - Bonnet theorem Bachelor's Thesis 2017
Glal Bacho Concentration - compactness results via isoperimetric inequalities Bachelor's Thesis 2017
Georg Heinen Semigroups of operators and non-linear evolution equations Bachelor's Thesis 2017
Tim Kerkenhoff Heat flow methods for closed geodesics Bachelor's Thesis 2017
Fabian Händler Hopf's degree theorem Bachelor's Thesis 2017
Olga Chugreeva Stochastics meets applied analysis: stochastic Ginzburg-Landau vortices and stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation PhD Thesis 2017
Malte Kampschulte Gradient flows and a generalised Wasserstein distance in the space of Cartesian currents PhD Thesis 2018
Miriam Hinzen Magnetisation fields in ferromagnetic cristals with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction Master's Thesis 2018
Helene Schroeder Dynamic aspects of skyrmions in two space dimensions Master's Thesis 2018
Bernd Meier Weyl's Tube Formula and the Thorem of Gauss - Bonnet Master's Thesis 2018
Johannes Weidenfeller Vector Bundles on S² Bachelor's Thesis 2018
Georg Heinen Well-posedness of the harmonic map heat flow in two dimensions Master's Thesis 2019
Dongchen Yue Normalized harmonic map heat flow Master's Thesis 2019
Matthias Zilligen The Theorem of Riemann and Hurwitz Bachelor's Thesis 2019