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Professor of Mathematics

Last updated October, 2017

This is the personal webpage of Maria G. Westdickenberg (née Reznikoff).
I am a Professor of Mathematics at the RWTH Aachen University.
I am affiliated to Lehrstuhl 1 for Mathematics.
My CV is here or see Short vita, above.

Energy, Entropy, and Dissipative Dynamics

See here for details about our new Research Training Group.


Mathematics building at Pontdriesch 14-16
Room 214

Phone and email

  • +49 (0) 241 80 94599 (direct line)
  • +49 (0) 241 80 94583 (secretary)
  • +49 (0) 241 80 92364 (fax)
  • maria (at) math1.rwth-aachen.de (direct)
  • sekr (at) math1.rwth-aachen.de (secretary)

Students and group members

Arno Petschauer (Master thesis)

Sebastian Scholtes (postdoctoral associate)

Former students and group members

Olga Chugreeva (postdoctoral associate, 2016-2017)

Vladimir Delengov (visiting PhD student, 2012-2013)

Michael Gelantalis (postdoctoral associate, 2012-2015)

Wadim Gerner (Master thesis, 2017)

Woosung Ko (Master thesis, 2015)

Hannes Matt (Bachelor thesis, 2015)

Ferdinand Mommertz (Master thesis, 2017)

Bella Naumova (Bachelor thesis, 2017)

Florian Nolte (Master thesis, 2013)

Past events organized

Aachen-Augsburg-Applied-Analysis Workshop (4-6 April, 2017)

Postal address

Lehrstuhl I für Mathematik RWTH Aachen Pontdriesch 14-16 D-52056 Aachen