Lukas Döring

Research interests

Calculus of variations, Pattern formation, Micromagnetics, Topological solitons

Publications (peer-reviewed and others)


PhD student at MPI MIS Leipzig (PhD in mathematics: 01/2015)
Student at University of Bonn (Diploma in mathematics: 12/2010)


Talks and poster presentations

July 2016:
Workshop on Topological Patterns and Dynamics in Magnetic Elements and in Condensed Matter, Dresden (Contributed talk)
June 2016:
Workshop on Partial Order in Materials, Montreal (Invited talk)
July 2015:
PIRE Workshop "From Grain Boundaries to Stochastic Homogenization", Leipzig (Poster)
July 2015:
Equadiff 2015, Lyon (Contributed talk)
November 2014:
JARA-FIT Science Days (Poster)
October 2014:
Conference on Nonlinearity, Transport, Physics, and Patterns. Fields Institute, Toronto (Contributed talk)
June 2014:
CNA Summer School on Topics in Nonlinear PDEs and Calculus of Variations, and Applications in Materials Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (Poster)
May 2014:
Oberseminar, Lehrstuhl I für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen (Invited talk)
June 2013:
SIAM-Conference "Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science", Minisymposium "Pattern formation and dynamics in magnetic materials", Philadelphia (Invited talk)
April 2013:
Workshop "Domain microstructure and dynamics in magnetic elements", ACMAC, Heraklion (Invited talk)

Other recent conferences and research stays

March 2016:
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (1 week)
March 2016:
IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette (1 week, collaboration with F. Otto, R. Ignat)
November 2014:
University of Toulouse (1 week, collaboration with R. Ignat)
August 2014:
Workshop on Micromagnetics: analysis and applications, Heidelberg.
May 2014:
University of Toulouse (1 week, collaboration with R. Ignat)