General Information

If you would like to explore the city and want some guidance, you can find a tourist information center in the Elisenbrunnen building in the center of town. A main attraction in Aachen is the cathedral, and there are also many other interesting things to see and do.
There are many inexpensive restaurants in and around the Pontstraße as well as university cafeterias at Pontwall 3 and Templergraben 55.
There are several restaurants near the Hotel am Marschiertor (Burtscheiderstraße before the bridge, Franzstraße, Theaterstraße), and many restaurants in the center of town near the cathedral and the Elisenbrunnen. In addition we can recommend Insel Rhodos and Pizzeria Atzori on Jakobstraße, Tandoori at Karlsgraben, and Mostard on Mostardstraße.